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Heat Sensitive Induction Thermal Color Changing Phone Case Cover Iphone X 10 UK

Induction Case - It will change color if you touch it

Safety Material - Using TPU, silica gel, thermal sensor leather, non-toxic and pollution-free

Matte Touch Feeling - Anti-fingerprint micro matte surface, nonslip design

Precise Cut And Design - easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all features

Thermal effect

Thermal Discoloration Cortical Material Soft And Delicate With High Quality and Perfect Desing


Impress you friends and family members with thermal sensor

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Shure’s Music Phone Adapter (MPA) is our favorite iPhone solution, since it lets you use the headphones you’re most comfortable with. It has an iPhone-compatible jack at one end and a microphone module with an Answer/End/Pause button and a female 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to your own headphones. We connected the adapter to the Shure SE110 in-ear headphones, whose cabling is modular; the top half is fairly short, so when used with the adapter, the cable is the right length, but the mic lays around your navel.

The MPA comes with three different sizes of foam and silicone tips and a carrying pouch. Shure’s coated memory-foam tips are the most comfortable on the market, and they stay in your ear securely–especially if you wear the cables over the tops of your ears.